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Bournemouth Borough CouncilPhoto Galleries

Gallery #1 - fabricating the sinkerline at Poole

Gallery #2 - moving the sinkerline to Bournemouth

Gallery #3 - replenishing the beach (eastwards)

Gallery #4 - replenishing the beach (westwards)

Others to view:

Down on the Beach - a short film taken at Bournemouth on Christmas Eve, put to music and shown at YouTube.  Courtesy of Tony Frost from Canterbury. 

A second short film we found at the YouTube website shows the Oranje in action.

Gallery 1

Fabricating the sinkerline at Poole, 14 November - 06 December

14 November

The vessel carrying sinkerline and offshore pipe sections docks at Poole Harbour

15 November

Pipe sections are offloaded, two at a time, at Branksome Chine car park

15 November

Sinkerline sections (13m long) are transported westward along the beach; the sinkerline is to be fabricated on Poole beach, eventually reaching as far as Flaghead Chine

16 November

Sand levelling and more pipe moving plant arrives

17 November

Sections of the sinkerline are laid out for fabricating

18 November

Pipe sections on the beach (photo: John Whitlam)

23 November

Welding sections of the sinkerline together

Photo: Mike Browning

Welding beneath a small tent protects the crew from the weather, and visitors from the risks of 'arc eye'

Photo: Mike Browning

Work on the sinkerline reaches Canford Cliffs Chine

23 November

The pipe stretches from Branksome Chine to 'No Mans Land' just east of Canford Cliffs

06 December

A flexible floating end section to be fitted to the sinkerline before it goes offshore

06 December

Caps for fitting to the end of the sinkerline to make it airtight for its short journey by sea to the Bournemouth coast


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