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A wreck (believed to be 16th Century) was discovered during the Environmental Impact study for the dredging project, located on the edge of the dredge area.

English Heritage has designated the wreck site an area of national importance.

Whilst the wreck site and its immediate surroundings were undisturbed during the dredging operation, there is a chance that some material of archaeological importance may have been pumped onto the beach.

If you or anyone you know finds anything you consider to be of archaeological or historical interest please e-mail Stuart Terry and give details of what you found and where you found it.


Old Ships Timbers

Courtesy of The Malacological Society of London ( ships timbers have been found on Poole Bay's beaches in the past, and a very important collection of timbers has been recovered from Studland beach in recent years.

During the beach replenishment project several large pieces of wood have been washed ashore that have been chewed by the European Shipworm, Nototeredo norvegica, which usually attacks floating timber, producing burrows often lined with a calcareous deposit.  

It has been suggested by a beachcomber that some of this wood appears to have 'bullet holes' in it perhaps caused by lead shot, but Gordon Le Pard, an Archaeologist with the Dorset Coast Forum explains "I would not expect to find ships timbers with bullets in them; a lead bullet would usually flatten on the outside of the timber and rarely penetrate it, and if it did it would make a very untidy, splintered hole".

However we should not dismiss the idea that some of the timbers found could come from wrecked vessels and we are interested to know of any timber found that shows any signs of work as it may well come from one of the shipwrecks out in the Bay.


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