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Work on Bournemouth's fourth beach improvement scheme (BIS) started on Wednesday, 18th January 2006 at Double Dykes, Hengistbury Head and moved westwards, finishing east of Boscombe Pier on Sunday, 18th March.


Bournemouth statistics



metric tonnes 1 tons 

Total pumped ashore

290 726,101 1,089,152 1,071,950

Average per day (60 days)

5 12,102 18,153 17,886

Bournemouth was due to receive 600,000m3 of new sand; the 726,101m3 recorded as pumped ashore allows for various factors [more].

The beach material used on Bournemouth's beaches was selected to match that naturally occurring on the beaches, i.e. a sand & shingle mix at Double Dykes and getting progressively sandier towards Boscombe.

Two dredgers operated - the Ham 311 & Waterway until 9th February when the Waterway left, bound for Rotterdam.  The HAM 311 completed the project, and in the early hours of Sunday morning, 18th March, she too departed Poole Bay for Rotterdam. 

Councillor John Hayter, Portfolio holder for Strategic Development & Transport commented, “Beach replenishment takes place from time to time as beach material is lost as part of the natural erosion of the shore.  We are working with neighbouring authorities of Poole and Purbeck in undertaking these major works to improve the standard of defence against storms, which will in turn protect the surrounding areas.  During the works there should be minimal disruption, however in the interests of health and safety it will be necessary to close short sections of the beach.”

A second contract to complete Bournemouth's beaches during winter 2006/07 will replenish from Boscombe Pier westwards to the Borough Boundary with Poole, using beach material dredged from commercial sources.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the works, or would like to know more please contact:

  • Dr David Harlow, Senior Project Engineer
  • Tel: 01202 451389
  • Fax: 01202 451007

1 The Crown Estate apply a factor of 1.5 to convert cubic metres of sand to metric tonnes (more) and  1 metric tonne = 0.984206528 long (British) ton.

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