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The Finishing Touches

Branksome Chine Beach

Since the beach replenishment project was completed in January it has become necessary to extend the outfall pipe at Branksome Chine.

The flows through the outfall originate from the Branksome Chine stream and the surrounding surface water drainage system.  Flow volume increases rapidly during heavy rainfall and the outfall needs to be able to take the water out to sea.

The existing outfall is 50m long, constructed from an 800mm diameter steel pipeline encased in concrete and supported on both sides by interlocking steel sheet piles. 

Piling, 21st June 2006It is buried beneath the sand and whereas it previously reached the sea it is now some 20m short and unable to function efficiently.  Where it is discharging at the beach it is creating an area of soft sand and deep water (see above - the pole & red 'topmark' marks the end of the existing outfall).

A special license was granted by Defra and local contractor Jenkins Marine arrived on site on 19th June to extend the pipe by a further 48m.  The project was completed and contractors left site on 6th July.

All beaches

For safety reasons we also 'topped' the groynes where they were protruding above the new sand.  They were cut down to approximately 6-9" below sand level.

Warning signs will be clearly visible on site


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